Pootoogook, Sarni

Sarni (Sharni) Pootoogook

Cape Dorset(1922-2003)

Sarni was born in 1922. She was the sister of the well-known Cape Dorset sculptor Pauta Saila. Her husband was the late Pudlat Pootoogook, son of the well-known camp leader and early graphic artist Pootoogook.

Like many Inuit of her generation, Sarni was attracted to the graphic arts during the early years of the printmaking program in Cape Dorset. Her work was represented in the 1964/65 and 1966 annual print collections; she has only recently returned after a long hiatus, no doubt preoccupied in the ensuing years by the distractions and demands of her growing family.

She passed away early in 2003.

Cape Dorset Print Collection

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