The Gallery

NEW SHOWROOM !!! soon.. is a unique online gallery founded in 2002 by Jean-Robert Wilhelmy. The owner is involved in the Canadian art scene since 1992 with ten different galleries with Canadian and native art.

He now travels all across Canada to offer you the nicest pieces available on the web and in the newly open inuit art gallery in Quebec city. Now with over ten years in the business we can get our pieces from every possible source in order to give every Inuit art lovers what they are looking for from the most recent pieces bought directly from the artist to the old treasures that can only be found at exclusive auctions and collectors hands.

We are constantly looking for new inuit art pieces and will keep our site updated with new artworks on a regular basis. We now offer a more comprehensive website with many added features and secure online payments. We hope you enjoy your visit and would love your comments.

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