Povungnituk Prints - Puvirnituq Prints (Nunavik)


Printmaking took roots in Nunavik in the early 1960s when a printmaking workshop was set up in Puvirnituq. By the end of the 1980s, the production of prints fell off due to decline in demand, and ended abruptly when a fire destroyed the Puvirnituq workshop.

Famous drawers and printmakers from Puvirnituq like Davidialuk Alasua Amittu, Josie Papialuk, Leah Qumaluk, Aisa Amittu, Joe Talirulini, Thomassie, Daniel Inukpuk, Paulosie Sivuark and Tivi Etook Echallok are the best references in this artistic domain.

In the last few years, Nunavik artists and various cultural organizations as Avataq Cultural Institute, launched a movement to try to revive the art of printmaking in the region thus opening a new print studio, in tandem with the Saputik Museum.

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