Pangnirtung Prints - Panniqtuuq Prints (Nunavut)


The Panniqtuuq print shop originated in 1969, with government support and financial assistant, as part of the Canadian's government effort to create cash-based employment in developing Inuit communities. In 1973, the Print Shop published, under the auspices of the Uqqurmiut Centre for Arts and Crafts, its first collection of limited-edition prints.

The annual Panniqtuuq Print Collection promotes Inuit culture with imagery that celebrates the land and traditional Inuit life, knowledge and myths. Each year, drawers collaborate with printmakers on the creation of a new collection of limited-edition prints. Josea Maniapik, Andrew Qappik, Jolly Atagooyuuk, Leetia Alivaktuk, Abigail Ootoova, Tommy Angakak, Noah Maniapik, Annie Kilabuk, Lipa Pitsiulak, Enookie Akulukjuk, Geela Sowdluapik, Jacoposie Tiglik, Simon Shaimayk and Davidee Akpalialuk are some of the artists.



Tapestry was introduced to the women of Panniqtuuq thirty-five years ago. Inuit women have always been excellent sewers; the welfare of Inuit families depending on their abilities to create handmade clothing that was warm, wind-proof and water-tight.

Panniqtuuq's artists range creations from warm woollen clothing (hats, scarves mitts, amautik ties, sweaters, wraps and kamiik), to cozy blankets, to traditional dolls, to well-crafted jewellery made of caribou antler, ivory, bone) to embroidered wall hangings, as well to prints and to small carvings in stone, antler, and ivory.

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