Oqutaq, Enooky

Innuki Oqutaq was the brother of the famous Cape Dorset sculptor and graphic 
artist Osuitok Ipeelee.                                                       
"Enooky is best known for his exquisitely engraved work on highly polished    
caribou antler.  His precise and delicate line work combined with the free,   
natural form of the antler gives his work a sense of fluid movement.  His     
images are often concerned with sea life and traditional Inuit hunting        
implements and clothing, particularly the kamik (boot).  The kamik is often   
repeated many times on a particular work.  Enooky has a keen sensitivity to   
the placement of these graphic elements within the positive and negative shape
of the antler, making him one of the most sophisticated artists in this       
*from "Enooky (Innuki Oqutaq)," exhibition brochure, Image of the Inuit, Los Angeles, California, 1981.    

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