Land Animals

More than 750,000 caribou live in Nunavut, and few sights are more spectacular than a massive herd of migrating caribou thundering over the tundra. The most important land mammal to the Inuit is the caribou. The meat of the caribou provides daily sustenance and its fur provides clothing.
An encounter with muskoxen is a special treat. They exist in limited numbers despite a recent resurgence. One look at their shaggy coats, and you'll appreciate the important evolutionary role that the animals' thick fur has played. Barren-ground grizzlies are also spotted in the Northwest Territories. Wolves keep their distance from human settlements, but can still be tracked in the winter. The fierce wolverine, which is actually a member of the weasel family, is another northern resident. Wolverine hair is used by the Inuit to line the hoods of parkas.
There are also foxes, weasels, lemmings and hares in the Arctic. Many of these species have fur coats that turn brilliantly white in winter. Some of these species include the Arctic Fox, the Least Weasel, the Collared Lemming and the Arctic Hare.


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