Baker Lake Prints - Qamanittuaq Prints (Nunavut)

Printmaking, Carving, Wall Hanging

The most frequently used printmaking techniques in Qamanittuaq is stonecut and stencil, often in combination, supplemented in later years by serigraphy, linocut and woodcut. Textile art is also practiced by women like Jessie Urnaq, Janet Kigusiuq and Irene Avaalaaqiaq who sew wall hanging from drawings, as a natural extension of their work preparing skin and using them to sew clothing. Not much carvers work in Qamanittuaq.

Because Qamanittuaq is located inland, the iconographic subjects, both in graphic and sculptural domains feature caribou and muskoxen rather than marine mammals (whale, beluga, walrus and seal), the Kiviuk myth rather than the Takanaaluk or Uinigumasuittuq (Sedna) story.

Traditional myths are very popular among Qamanittuaq’s artists such as drawers and printmakers: Simon Tukumi (Tookoomi), Victoria Mamnguqsualuk, William Noah, Irene Avalaaqiaq, Luke Anguhadluk, Jessie Urnaq (Oornak), Janet Kigusiuq as well as carvers like Jonhy Iquliq, Tuna Iqulik, Matthew Agigaaq and Barnabus Arnasunngaq.

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