Ashoona, Soroseelutu


Born: March 16, 1941 Female E7-1172
Resides: Cape Dorset
Drawings, Prints

Sorosiluto is married to the sculptor Kiawak Ashoona. She is the
granddaughter of artists Pootoogook and Ningeookaluk. Sorosiluto is also the
half-sister of Joanasie Solomonie.

"If it weren't for Pitseolak, my mother-in-law, I don't think I would
have ever learned to draw. For a long time, she kept asking me to try, but
because I was afraid to try, it wasn't until a year later that I started.
Sometimes I try to do some pictures of stories I have heard about the old
days. Sometimes it seems when I begin to draw that, not on purpose, I am
drawing the same thing I have done before. Sometimes when I see the finished
print, I can't really remember when I did the drawing, but I like the prints
better than the drawings because of the colours."
Cape Dorset print catalogue 1978

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