Pudlalik Shaa

Pudalik’s parents, Aqjangajuk and Kilabuk Shaa, are Cape Dorset artists.  His father, Aqjungajuk, is a renowned sculptor. Pudlalik’s brother, Qiatsuq is also a carver, as was his brother, Qavavau who died in 1991.

Pudalik was influenced by his father’s work. “I watched [my father] as he carved, he taught me. I did my first carving when I was twelve years old. It was a small seal, since then I have been carving, not all the time, but whenever I felt up to it.” * Impressed by his father’s carving style, Pudlalik has developed similar themes in his own work such as walrus and drum dancers.

*Interview with the artists, Inuit Art Section, November 1994.

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