Cape Dorset 2017 Calendar


The 2017 Cape Dorset Inuit Art calendar celebrates the captivating work of Ningeokuluk Teevee - a self-taught artist who began drawing in the 1990s. Her work has been featured regularly in the Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection since 2004. Her dynamic renderings incolour pencil and ink lend themselves ideally for adaption into the fine art of printmaking. The print translations of Ningeokuluk's work often employ bold texture and heightened colour - yet are always faithful to her recognizably distinctive style. This year's Cape Dorset Inuit art calendar is filled with treasures - all embodying Ningeokuluk's unique approach to art making. Her attention to intricate detail is unmistakable in the etching and aquatint from 2008 entitled Angijuaqtaq (Dress). The floating garment is adorned with swimming fish and delicate kelp, which appear to sway and gently drift around the fabric. The lithograph Curious Bear from 2008, demonstrates Ningeokuluk's strong sense of design and minimal use of gesture. Her economy of line combined with careful attention to detail is evident in the 2010 stonecut and stencil entitled Kiviuq Nanuqlu (Kiviuq and the Bear). The complex detail of water combined with a pronounced but simple depiction of a bear, creates an intriguing tension and demonstrates Ningeokuluk's use of challenging composition. The iconic and striking images included in the 2017 Cape Dorset Inuit Art calendar are clear evidence of Ningeokuluk's remarkable talent. Her exploration of diverse subject matter and unique drawing style, has garnered much praise. Ningeokuluk Teevee is a highly respected artist whose works are greatly anticipated with each annual print collection.

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